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​Hatchery/Major Construction
In a Statement of Work, these work elements are used to describe all of the activities involved in participating in the Council's Three-Step Review Process. This category includes the preparation or revision of documents required by the Three-Step Process, responding to Council/ISRP questions, attending meetings with Council/ISRP; and all planning and design as well as actual construction associated with building or expanding a hatchery. These work elements may also be used by contractors who are participating in the Council's Three-Step Review Process for other major (non-hatchery) construction efforts.

Three-Step Review Process (PDF)
In order to determine if a proposal requires a review process, the following triggers have been developed. When the Council recommends a proposal as part of a funding recommendation, it will also identify which of the following triggers applies to direct the project into the step review. This will occur as a comment as part of the funding recommendations to Bonneville in association to a particular solicitation. The Council recommendation should clearly articulate whether or not the proposal will be subject to the three-step review process and what the expectations (e.g., time-certain deliverables) will be as a condition of future funding.

Artificial Production Initiatives will trigger a review when a project proposes any one of the following:
(a) construct significant new production facilities;
(b) begin planting fish in waters they have not been planted in before;
(c) increase significantly the number of fish being introduced;
(d) change stocks or the number of stocks; and/or
(e) change the location of production facilities.

It also includes initiation of funding existing facilities that were formerly funded otherwise.

Other Project Initiatives - the Council may request a review for other projects based on the following triggers:
(a) construct a facility that costs more than $1,000,000 during the fiscal year;
(b) phased engineering designs are required for contractual purposes;
(c) proposed actions address the entire watershed;
(d) action is a multi-agency and multi-contractual effort;
(e) new proposal that is outside the current solicitation and review cycle;
(f) additional review or fix-it-loop is requested; and/or
(g) the action is a substantial deviation from the adopted subbasin plan.

Note Information for work elements is now available at Links below to specific work element background pages will take you directly to the pages.

The Hatchery Construction work elements are:
100. Construction Management
168. Council 3-step Process: Step 1
169. Council 3-step Process: Step 2
170. Council 3-step Process: Step 3
171. Build Artificial Production Facility

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