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Land Acquisitions and Conservation Easements
This category comprises most of the activities necessary to acquire or lease a parcel of land or conservation easement, including the purchase or lease itself. Some activities associated with land acquisitions and conservation easements must be performed by BPA staff, and therefore can only be added to a BPA Internal Statement of Work (can not be added to a contract):
  • WE# 5, Land Purchase - includes the direct wiring of money to escrow associated with real estate transactions and,
  • WE# 6, TBL Work - covers work the Transmission Business Line's Real Property group provides in support of a Fish and Wildlife project, including: appraisal review, appraisals, help in development of an MOA, real estate negotiations, survey/photogrammetry, GIS work, and relocation costs.

The BPA COTR is responsible for creating the BPA Internal Statement of Work.

Note Information for work elements is now available at Links below to specific work element background pages will take you directly to the pages.

The Land Acquisition and Conservation Easement work elements are:
5. Land Purchase
6. TBL Work
87. Prepare HEP Report
92. Lease Land
172. Conduct Pre-Acquisition Activities

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