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​Wildlife Crediting: Habitat Units or Acreage
​BPA provides a wildlife crediting "ledger" which tracks debits (lost habitat units) and credits (protected and enhanced habitat units).  Impact Assessment and HEP report publications are available on Columbia Basin Fish at Search Publications page.

In the last two decades BPA has entered into agreements with some of its partners which use acre-to-acre mitigation instead of HU mitigation.  These agreements are informed by the assessments and are used to permanently settle BPA’s wildlife obligations for specific dams.

The use of acres as a mitigation “currency” also allows BPA to accurately account for any mitigation work that was done to address the impacts of the dams prior to the passage of the Northwest Power Act; this is referred to a “pre-Act mitigation.”

​The Wildlife Crediting Forum: In 2011, the Council established the Wildlife Crediting Forum. The Forum devised agreed-upon protocols and standard operating procedures for habitat evaluation, or HEP, reports. And in a subsequent, related effort, the Regional HEP Team performed a great service to the region by serving as a neutral expert in preparation of several issue papers that BPA has relied upon to clarify unresolved crediting issues.  These provide an insider’s history and insight into HEP and the mitigation efforts that relied on it.

BPA has used these Wildlife Crediting Forum protocols to update and correct inaccurate mitigation crediting reports (available on Columbia Basin Fish website).