In this first workshop, BPA will propose timelines, principles, processes and the scope of the BP/TC-24 pre-proceeding workshops. In addition, subject matter experts will lead discussions on one of the Generation Input topics and certain tariff topics. The workshop agenda and materials will be posted to the BP-24 webpage before the meeting.
Meeting number (access code): 2760 163 6430

Meeting information and materials will be posted on the BP-24 Rate Case page, under the BP-24 & TC-24 Information & Resources section in BP-24 & TC-24 Meeting and Workshops.


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NITS Workshop – Part II

BPA will hold a supplemental workshop to finish review of all content that had been prepared for the March 20 workshop.

Commercial Business Process Improvement (CBPI) Customer Conference Call

Meeting materials will be posted prior to the meeting on the CBPI webpage: