The Federal Register notice that announces the commencement of the TC-24 Tariff Proceeding was published in the Federal Register on Nov. 22, 2022, and is open for comment. The TC-24 FRN, which is available on the TC-24 Tariff Proceeding website, includes the proposed Open Access Transmission Tariff. This comment period is open only to participants (non-tariff proceeding parties). BPA customers taking service pursuant to the tariff being modified in this proceeding, or their affiliated customer groups, may not submit participant comments. Members or employees of organizations that have intervened in the proceeding may submit participant comments as private individuals (that is, not speaking for their organizations), but may not use the comment procedures to address specific issues raised by their intervenor organizations.


Written comments by participants will be included in the record and considered by the administrator. Please note, comments on BPA’s proposal in the BP-24 Rate Case should be made in the corresponding, separate comment section for BP-24.


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