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​Northwest Montana Load Interconnection Capability

​To support the broader economic development goals of the region, BPA is seeking to better understand local economic development priorities and inform customer and stakeholder decisions by pro-actively providing information about BPA’s local load-service capabilities.

The Northwest Montana Load Area covers loads in Flathead and Lincoln counties of Montana. It includes the Flathead Valley and communities of Kalispell and Columbia Falls.

​Utilities in the Northwest Montana Load area include
  • ​Flathead Electric Cooperative
  • Northwestern Energy
  • Lincoln Electric Cooperative
​Existing Transmission System Limit for the Northwest Montana Load Area

​450 MW

The following graph depicts key data points that may help inform initial feasibility questions related to the new large load addition. You will find:
  • The most limiting season
  • Historic peak load information
  • Forecasted load 10 years out
  • Load area with system average load growth
  • Aggressive Load growth scenario (if applicable) depicts all queued load coming online in the 10 year planning horizon
  • Local Load Area Capability

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