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McNary-John Day
In February 2009, BPA decided to build the McNary-John Day Transmission Line Project. The line will start at BPA's McNary Substation in Oregon and cross the Columbia River with the existing lines, just north of the substation into Washington. The line will run parallel to the Columbia River for 75 miles within existing rights-of-way, then cross the Columbia River back into Oregon and end at BPA's John Day Substation.
BPA prepared an environmental impact statement under the National Environmental Policy Act in 2002. Although BPA decided to build the project at that time, we put it on hold due to changing energy market conditions. In 2008, BPA received requests from power generators for use of the transmission system in this area. BPA evaluated those requests as a part of its first Network Open Season, and decided to proceed with the project.
BPA prepared a supplement analysis under NEPA and determined that the environmental analysis in the 2002 EIS remains valid. BPA is beginning preliminary work immediately and will begin construction in June 2009. BPA expects to complete construction in late 2012.
Record of Decision
Record of Decision
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