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​Buying or Selling Products or Services
What BPA Buys

Potential suppliers may contact the new business inbox at any time regarding the general categories of goods and services listed in this Procurement Opportunities document.

Below is the process for suppliers to follow who want to contract with BPA for products or services they provide:

Present your qualifications and company information. The best method is to submit your information on-line via e-mail to Doing this will ensure that your company information is received by the purchasing staff, and is recorded/retained as appropriate. In addition to a list of goods and/or services that your firm offers, include information such as management and technical capabilities, past performance record, customer service policies, and quality improvement programs.

After your information has been received by a reviewing official, we may request you to provide additional written materials or schedule a time for you to conduct an oral presentation to our purchasing and program personnel. The location for oral presentations will be determined at the time of scheduling a presentation.
Your information will be kept on file for future needs. A Contracting Officer will contact you when a need arises that you help fill.  
BPA Surplus Sales

​BPA sells surplus equipment to the public when it has been determined sales will result in the best value for the Region. BPA works in partnership with the State of Oregon Surplus Property Center to sell surplus equipment on the internet. Property available for sale can be found by going to BPA may also chose to hold on site auctions or use other sales channels as warranted by circumstances. Auctions will be publicly advertised prior to their conduct. For further information or contact the Investment Recovery Center at 360-418-2430.  

Submitting an Invoice
​Invoices for Purchase Orders regarding materials, equipment, and/or computer hardware shall be emailed to Hard copy invoices are acceptable but not preferred. The address for submitting a hard copy invoice by mail is:

Bonneville Power Administration
Attn: Accounts Payable
PO BOX 3621
Portland, OR 97208

Invoices for Service and/or Construction Contracts shall be emailed to the designated Contracting Officer's Technical Representative (COTR) assigned to your contract. Please contact your Contracting Officer (CO) if you are unable to contact your COTR.

All invoices must be submitted in accordance to The Bonneville Purchasing Instructions (BPI) Payment Clause 22-12. You may reference this clause in the terms and conditions of your contract. Failure to comply with BPI Payment Clause 22-12 may result in your invoice being returned to you for corrections.  
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