BPA invites you to comment on the proposed Reserves Distribution Clause as outlined in the Q4 Quarterly Business Review Technical Workshop presentation beginning on slide 19. BPA will announce its determination for applying the RDC amounts no later than December 15. Please go to www.bpa.gov/comment to submit your public comment.

For more information, please see BPA’s Rate Adjustments webpage


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Composite Cost Pool True-up and Slice True-up Adjustment Public Comment Period Closes

BPA seeks comments that identify any Slice True-Up Adjustment issue for consideration for BPA for inclusion in the Agreed Upon Procedures (AUPs), including questions regarding the sum of adjusted Tier One Cost Allocators (TOCAs), the actual Unused Rate Period High Water Mark (RHWM) credit, and the Slice Percentages used in this calculation.

Quarterly Business Review FY2023 Q1

The Quarterly Business Review is a forum to share BPA's financial results and provide updates on major spending areas such as proposed capital projects.