Following the completion of the environmental compliance process, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) granted a Right-of-Way permit to the Burns Paiute Tribe to replace and install an irrigation diversion in the Malheur River approximately 11 miles east of the town of Juntura in Malheur County, Oregon.


BLM, in cooperation with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), prepared an environmental assessment (EA) to help determine the potential impacts the project would have on the natural and human environment. The BLM released the draft EA for public review and comment in December 2014, and received comments from two entities. BLM prepared a final EA that provides responses to comments received and includes revision to the analysis based on those comments. Based on the EA analysis and mitigation measures to help lessen impacts, BPA has found that the project will not cause any significant impacts, and has issued a finding of no significant impact.

To view BLM's FONSI and Decision Record, please visit the BLM's project website.  


For environmental information, contact:
Chad Hamel Toll-free: 800-622-4519
Supervisory Environmental Protection Specialist Direct line: 502-340-5564
Bonneville Power Administration Email: 
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For project information, contact:
Trisha Skerjanec Direct line: 541-473-6222
Contract Environmental Protection Specialist Email: 
Realty Specialist
Bureau of Land Management
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Bonneville Power Administration FONSI
FONSI (02/5/2015)

Bureau of Land Management's Final EA/FONSI
Public Letter (12/15/2014)
Final EA (12/15/2014)
FONSI (12/15/2014)
Decision of Record (12/15/2014)

Bureau of Land Management's Draft EA
Public Letter (11/21/2014)
Draft EA (11/21/2014)