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​Longview Load Interconnection Capability

​To support the broader economic development goals of the region, BPA is seeking to better understand local economic development priorities and inform customer and stakeholder decisions by pro-actively providing information about BPA’s local load-service capabilities

The Longview Area consists of the BPA and Cowlitz-owned transmission facilities located in Cowlitz PUD’s service territory.

The Longview cutplane is defined as:

  • Weyerhaeuser 230kV load
  • Longview-Allston 115 kV line
  • Longview 230/115kV transformer
  • Lexington 230/115kV transformer
  • Merwin-Cardwell 115 kV line
​Utilities in the Longview Load Area include
  • ​Cowlitz PUD
​Adjacent Customers
  • ​PacifiCorp and Clark Public Utilities

Existing Transmission System Limit for the Longview Load Area

1220 MW

The following graph depicts key data points that may help inform initial feasibility questions related to the new large load addition. You will find:
  • The most limiting season
  • Historic peak load information
  • Forecasted load 10 years out
  • Load area with system average load growth
  • Aggressive Load growth scenario (if applicable) depicts all queued load coming online in the 10 year planning horizon
  • Local Load Area Capability

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