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‚ÄčNotice: Incorrect e-Tag MW Allocation Issue with Consolidation Type TSRs

‚ÄčPosted Date: 11/5/2021

BPA Transmission Services (BPAT) has discovered that our Blanket Demand functionality is not working correctly with Transmission Service Requests (TSR) that have been Consolidated. When an e-Tag is submitted that uses a BPA Contract Number instead of a TSR Number in the Transmission Allocation field and the demand is expected to be placed on a CONSOLIDATION type TSR, the demand is instead allocated to the parent TSRs that have been Consolidated. TSRs that have been Consolidated have a 0mw availability and will appear to be over encumbered in the Portfolio Manager display in CDE. Customers may also see e-Tag validation failures because of this incorrect system behavior.

BPAT is actively working with its software vendor to get this functionality corrected.

In the meantime, BPAT is informing all customers so that they are aware of this issue. BPAT is also suggesting that submitted e-Tags, meant to be supported with a Reservation of Type CONSOLIDATION, be submitted with specific AREF numbers instead of Contract numbers.