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‚ÄčNote: Transmission Service Requests - Multiple Redirects Issue

Posted Date: 9/15/2017

Multiple Redirect Transmission Service Requests (TSRs) submitted with the same related A-REF (parent) and at approximately the same queue time may result in all requests being confirmed. This could lead to exceeding the capacity available on the parent TSR and potentially incurring an Unauthorized Increase Charge.

Customers should immediately review the confirmed Redirects to ensure they have not exceeded the available capacity on the parent. Customers should submit a request to the Reservation desk to annul any Redirects that exceeded the capacity available prior to any actions (such as Redirects, Resales, or E-Tags) encumbering the Redirect. Annulment requests may be submitted to

Customers are responsible for managing their capacity. Customers may utilize the webTrans CDE Portfolio Manager displays (Contract Portfolio Manager and Reservation Portfolio Manager) to monitor their reservation and scheduling activity. To obtain access to CDE or to request training on its use, please send an email to