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MOD-032 Data for Power System Modeling and Analysis

Customer Presentation (5/20/2015)
BPA Data Requirements and Reporting Procedures (4/14/2016)
WECC Data Preparation Manual (DPM) 
WECC Base Case Compilation Schedule

WECC Approved Dynamic Model Library

Other Utility Worker (OUW) Process

BPA's OUW Unesorted Access Process (Updated 11/2/2015)
OUW Request Form (Updated 11/23/2015)
OUW PIN and Challenge Question Worksheet (Updated 8/27/2015)
X-ROCH (Updated 1/20/2016)

Planning Authority Project

WICF Planning Authority Presentation (Updated 2/12/2014)
PA Notification FAQs (Updated 1/15/2014)
Timeline (Updated 8/21/2013)
PA/PC/TP Applicable Standards (Updated 8/21/2013)
BPA's PA Implementation Methodology (Updated 8/21/2013)

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