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NERC Reliability Standards and Requests
Documentation to support NERC Reliability Standards. 
NERC Standards Document/Data Requests
NERC Standards MOD 10: System Electrical Data Requests
Reliability Standards Implementation (ERO)
NERC is the Electric Reliability Organization (ERO) as mandated by the EPAct 2005 and requires all owners, users and operators of the bulk power system to register for the functions they perform. See NERC Criteria
BPA is working on a Reliability Issues Task Force together with customers, WECC and others to follow a consistent approach to register and comply with mandatory standards.
Key Actions
For more registration information, please refer to NERC registration information
BPA has established delegation agreements with all customers for whom BPA takes on responsibilities for compliance with mandatory reliability standards.
Reliability Standards Development/Revision
There are 112 Regulatory Approved Standards and additional standards are under review. BPA is actively engaged in the review and revision process and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate and coordinate with other WECC members.
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