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Reliability Program and NERC Standards
On June 18, 2007, the U.S. electric industry began operating under the North American Electric Reliability Corporation's (NERC's) mandatory, enforceable reliability standards. Utilities and other bulk power industry participants now face sanctions for violating any of the more than 112, plus the Western Electricity Coordinating Council standards - up to $1 million per day, per violation.
BPA has established a comprehensive reliability program and is actively engaging customers and customer representatives through implementation of mandatory standards. BPA is providing this site to share information and collaborate as we work to enhance the reliability of the Northwest electric system together.
Important Announcement: Access the new NERC Compliance page on the BPA Customer Portal.
Key Efforts
  • Took unified approach to all reliability related activities, coordinating between operations and governance
  • The Reliability Council is an Executive forum for collaborative planning and decision making for all reliability issues
  • Close customer coordination to ensure consistent application of standards within BPA's balancing authority 
Reliability Contacts
BPA supports a consistent approach to its customers, reliability monitoring and enforcement. BPA has also set a priority and focused resources to respond to the new mandatory reliability standards, including efforts to create a culture of compliance.
Submit your WECC/NERC reliability or compliance questions to the CSRP mailbox at
Reliability Program Contacts
Customer Service Reliability Program
Lorissa Jones
Reliability Officer
Jeff Cook
FERC Compliance Officer
Jenifur Rancourt
BPA will post information on its activities and opportunities to inform and engage customers on developments and important dates for the NERC, WECC and BPA Reliability Programs. Additional information can be found on their Compliance Enforcement Program website.
Email other events and dates to the Customer Service Reliability Program at:
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