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Transmission Planner (TP) Project

​BPA has been evaluating the NERC TP Requirements for some time, and has determined that many of the BPA provided deliverables are being utilized by our customers are being used to achieve compliance. In order to help our customers with compliance, BPA has determined that the best approach is to offer Coordinated Functional Registration (CFR) agreement for qualifying customers. A CFR is an agreement where the responsibility of requirements is delineated between two entities.

This page serves as the source of information for the TP CFR Project

TP CFR Documents

  • TP Roadmap Analysis
    This document contains a sample of delineation of TP requirements between BPA and Customers
  • TP CFR Timeline
    Time line containing key dates for the TP CFR project
  • CFR Contract Template
    Sample CFR contract template (to be posted by 1/26/18)
  • TP CFR Cost Spreadsheet
    Cost breakdown of TP services
  • Sample Customer Implementation Plan
    Filled out sample implementation plan (to be posted by 2/2/18)
    • Reminder: BPA will provide a sample Customer Implementation plan; this plan will have dependencies on BPA’s overall TP Implementation Plan.

Customer Meetings

TP Customer Workshop


11/2/2017 – TP Customer Workshop – Portland, OR
Meeting Materials:
WECC Presentation

​​Customer Links
NERC CFR Information
WECC TP Gap Implementation Plan – Please use this as a reference only, BPA will provide a sample Customer TP Implementation Plan, as many of the dates will be dependent on BPA’s overall TP Implementation Plan.