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Reliability ​Project Pages 

What we do

  • We coordinate the strategic development and improvement of standards, providing specific coordination and tracking of NERC standards and initiatives that impact customers, internal and external.  CSRP monitors the external impacts of trends and actions taken by FERC, NERC, WECC and other registered entities.
  • We are the Reliability Standard Owner for all NERC Reliability Standards implemented within the TP organization and coordinate how BPA manages compliance with them.   CSRP provides support to the agency Reliability Officer as requested, including leading initiatives that have cross-agency reliability impact.
  • We manage the creation, execution and implementation of the contracts required to delineate roles and responsibilities between BPA and BPA customers as it pertains to NERC Reliability Standards and other impacted initiatives.
  • CSRP is the customer point of contact for a variety of BPA initiatives including Other Utility Worker access to BPA Facilities, Planning Coordinator, Transmission Operator services, and Annual System Reviews (ASR).