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Creston-Bell Rebuild Project
The Creston - Bell transmission line extends from BPA’s existing Creston Substation near the City of Creston, Washington, approximately 54 miles east to BPA’s existing Bell Substation in Spokane, Washington. The condition of line has gradually deteriorated due to exposure to the elements and normal wear and tear. In the spring of 2011 BPA proposed to replace wood pole structures on the Creston - Bell line to ensure continued safe and reliable transmission service.
BPA prepared an Environmental Assessment (EA) to help the agency determine if the Proposed Action would cause significant impacts that would warrant preparing an environmental impact statement. In April, BPA made the preliminary EA available for public review and comment. Six comments were received and minor revisions were made to the EA. The EA Revision Sheet combined with the Preliminary EA constitutes the Final EA. Based on the analysis in the Final EA and the measures that will mitigate adverse effects, BPA issued a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI) and has subsequently decided to proceed with the project. Construction began in May 2012 and will continue into the fall for as long as weather permits.
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