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‚ÄčPalisades-Goshen Rebuild
BPA's Palisades-Goshen 115-kilovolt transmission line has gradually deteriorated due to exposure to the elements and normal wear and tear. BPA is replacing poles and making other upgrades to improve the line's reliability and accommodate future load growth in the area. The line extends 52 miles from the Palisades Dam in eastern Idaho to BPA's Goshen Substation south of Idaho Falls, Idaho.
BPA began construction in 2008, replacing the existing 115-kV wood poles with new 230-kV poles which are about five feet taller. The new poles will allow the line to eventually operate at 161-kV and will prevent BPA crews from having to obtain a line outage when performing line maintenance.
BPA began construction in 2008 after completing an environmental assessment. Construction will begin again in spring 2010.
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