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Whistling Ridge
The SDS Lumber Company requested that BPA interconnect its proposed Whistling Ridge Energy Project in Skamania County, Wash., to the Federal Columbia River Transmission System. SDS Lumber created the Whistling Ridge Energy LLC to independently build, own and operate the proposed wind project. The proposed 70-megawatt wind project would interconnect to BPA's existing North Bonneville-Midway 230-kilovolt transmission line approximately five miles west of BPA's Underwood Substation.
BPA completed a joint environmental impact statement in August 2011 with the State of Washington Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council to determine potential impacts of the proposed project and interconnection.
In March 2012, the Governor of Washington approved issuance of the Whistling Ridge Project site certificate with project modifications, including reducing the number of turbines. A legal challenge regarding the approval of the site certificate by EFSEC and the Governor has been filed in state court. BPA will not issue a record of decision regarding interconnection of the proposed project to the FCRTS until there is greater clarity on the status of the project.
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