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BPA Outage Coordination
BPA Outage Coordination Policy
BPA has an Outage Coordination Policy that requires specific equipment to be coordinated within certain timelines. BPA will be using Peak Reliability’s Coordinated Outage System (COS) to coordinate Outage Plans. BPA needs planned outage information to support Operational Planning studies and will be requesting equipment and facility outage information from other utilities.This meets Peak’s Outage Coordination Process for Balancing Authorities and Transmission Operators.
BPA Outage Policy
Appendix 2 (the Equipment List) and Appendix 5 of the Policy are located on Peak Reliability’s secure website at the following link:
The folder is Credible Contingencies>Seasonal>BPA Outage Coordination folder

 File Type (.mpp)

Outage plans are posted as Microsoft Project files (.mpp), to allow sorting of data and the display of Gantt charts
Long Range Significant Outage Plans and 45-day Outage Plans Page
This page provides links to Outage Plans for the Long Range Significant Outages and 45-Day Outage Planning Processes. Schedule for 45-Day Outage Coordination Process - (Posted 6/18/2014)
Immediate to Near Term Changes to Outage Plans 

 45-Day Outage Plan

MAY 2017
APRIL 2017
MARCH 2017



February 2017 Final Outage Plan (12/29/2016)

February 2017 Initial Outage Plan (12/16/2016)

Long Range Significant Outages
The following outages are for information purposes only. Outages are still being adjusted and/or moved. These outages are subject to change. 
JUNE 2017 (08/30/2016)
JULY 2017 (03/01/2017) 
AUGUST 2017 (03/01/2017)
SEPTEMBER 2017 (03/01/2017)
OCTOBER 2017 (03/01/2017)
NOVEMBER 2017 (03/01/2017)
DECEMBER 2017 (03/01/2017)
JANUARY 2018 (11/16/2016)
FEBRUARY 2018 (03/21/2017)