Sharing energy efficiency information

This library of energy efficiency presentations and webinars is for information sharing in an effort to build a more energy efficient Pacific Northwest. Related materials for each conversation will be posted on the page below for reference during the conversation. Please contact your Energy Efficiency Representative for additional information or to suggest ideas for future materials and events.

This page now includes energy efficiency related trainings hosted by BPA. These trainings may be facilitated using an online meeting service.

Upcoming Presentations and Webinars

August 18, 2022: Industrial Adjustable Speed Drives market insights and savings
August 25, 2022: Industrial Heat Pumps


2022 Recent Presentations and Webinars

August 11. 2022: New Commercial refrigeration savings opportunities presentation
August 4, 2022: BPA Energy Efficiency Tracking System
June 30, 2022: Option 1 Custom Industrial Impact Evaluation results presentation
February 24, 2022: BPA Webinar: Rate Period Implementation Manual presentation

Past Energy Efficiency Presentations