General BPA Information

  • Energy Imbalance Market: On Sept. 26, 2019, BPA signed an implementation agreement with the California Independent System Operator and a record of decision in a move toward joining the Western Energy Imbalance Market in 2022.
  • Columbia River Treaty:  Information about the Columbia River Treaty, an international agreement between Canada and the United States for the cooperative development and operation of the water resources of the Columbia River Basin for the benefit of both countries. Additional information is available here.
  • Rate Cases: Information detailing how BPA establishes rates for power and transmission services

BPA Environment, Fish and Wildlife Information

  • Publicly-available information, related to BPA's operations, that is maintained by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE):
    • Detailed Total Dissolved Gas (TDG) Reports: Information about TDG at dams and reservoirs in the Columbia River Basin. Includes hourly spill data for each dam.
    • Daily Spill Reports: Information about daily spill at dams and reservoirs in the Columbia River Basin.
    • Fish Passage PlansDeveloped by USACE in coordination with BPA and regional federal, state, and tribal fish agencies, these plans describe year-round operations and maintenance actions to provide fish passage and protection at the eight Corps projects on the lower Columbia and Snake rivers. Plans dating from 2005 include the federal court-ordered spill requirements.

Unclaimed Money from the Government

BPA often receives inquiries regarding unclaimed money such as, but not limited to:

  • Uncashed and/or unclaimed checks
  • Unrefunded cash escrows and/or cash deposits
  • Tax overpayments and/or unclaimed tax refunds

Being a federal entity, BPA is not permitted to issue debt. The management of federal payments is done by and through the United States Department of Treasury. Questions concerning uncashed/non drawn federal checks for claims against the United States should be directed to the Secretary of Treasury.
BPA is a federal power marketing agency of the United States and as such does not assess federal income or property taxes. Questions concerning federal tax overpayments should be directed to the Secretary of Treasury (see above) or the Internal Revenue Service.

Publicly Available Software

Below is a list of publicly-available software. You may click a link to save the selected software to your device: