Requesting Correction

Submit your request for correction by mail:
Candice D. Palen, Privacy Officer
Privacy Act Amendment Request
Mail Stop CGI-7
Bonneville Power Administration
P.O. Box 3621
Portland, OR 97208

Your request must include:

  • A statement that the request is made under the Privacy Act.
  • The name of the System of Records most likely to contain the records you seek to amend – click here to see a complete list.
  • A detailed description of the information you wish to correct
  • A written statement of why you believe that the information in question is not accurate, relevant, timely or complete. BPA will only correct records if we find that it is more than likely that the records are wrong, and the burden of proof is on the requester.

Information verifying your identity

Your request should include DOE F 206.5, the Department of Energy's Privacy Act Request Form. If you cannot print a copy of the form, please contact this office, and we will mail a copy to you. You will be asked to provide copies of two documents containing your name or signature, including one that includes current address and date of birth (driver’s license, passport, etc.).

Whenever possible, the BPA FOIA Office prefers to verify identity in person by meeting with requesters at or near BPA Headquarters. We will contact you to arrange a short meeting or to arrange a secure method of transmitting identifying documents. To protect your personal information, we do not accept copies of identifying documents by e-mail.

There are no fees for requests for correction.

Criteria for Correction

BPA uses the following criteria when reviewing a request for correction:

  • The strength of the evidence you submit
  • The factual accuracy of the information
  • The nature of the record to be corrected
  • The feasibility of the specific means of correction required

Correction Process

After a valid request to amend or correct a record covered by the Privacy Act is received by the FOIA Officer , your request will be acknowledged by email or letter within 10 days. A decision will be issued within 20 days.

The manager of the relevant System of Records, in conjunction with BPA’s Office of General Counsel, will provide a recommendation on correction to the FOIA Officer. Based on the recommendation and independent review, the FOIA Officer will either grant or deny the request for correction.

If your request is granted:

  • The Privacy Office will instruct the system manager to make the requested correction.
  • You will be advised of the decision in writing, and a copy or description of the correction will be provided to you.
  • BPA will notify prior recipients of the record that it has been amended.

If your request is denied:

  • You will be advised of the decision in writing
  • The reasons for the denial and the system manager's name and title will be included
  • Your appeal and disagreement rights will be provided

Administrative Appeals and Statements of Disagreement

If your request is denied, you may appeal your request within 30 calendar days using the process described in the FOIA procedures here. If your appeal is rejected by the Department of Energy, you may file a statement of disagreement or sue BPA in federal court.

To file a statement of disagreement, send a concise, signed statement describing why you disagree with the final determination. BPA will maintain your statements together with the information that you sought to correct. Whenever we disclose that information in the future, we will include a copy of your statement of disagreement along with the information. When practicable and appropriate, we will also provide a copy of the statement of disagreement to any prior recipients of the record.