Type of Record Systems of Record
Employee - General DOE-1: Grievance Records
DOE-2: Personnel Supervisor Maintained Personnel Records
DOE-3: Employee Concerns Program Records
DOE-5: Personnel Records of Former Contract Employees
DOE-7: Whistleblower Investigation, Hearings, and Appeals Records
DOE-13: Payroll and Leave Records
DOE-28: General Training Records
DOL/GOVT-2: Job Corps Student Records
EEOC/GOVT-1: EEOC Records and Appeals Records
GSA/GOVT-2: Employment Under Commercial Activities Contracts
MSPB/GOVT-1: Appeal and Case Record
OPM/GOVT-1: General Personnel Records
OPM/GOVT-2: Employee Performance File Systems Record
OPM/GOVT-3: Records of Adverse Actions
Employee - Hiring and Promotion OPM/GOVT-5: Recruiting, Examining and Placement Records
OPM/GOVT-7: Applicant Race, Sex, National Origin, and Disability Status Records
OPM/GOVT-9: File on Position Classification Appeals, Job Grading Appeals…
Employee - Medical

DOE-33: Personnel Medical Records
DOE-34: Employee Assistance Program Records             
DOE-38: Occupational and Industrial Accident Records
DOE-88: Epidemiologic and Other Health Studies
OPM/GOVT-10: Employee Medical File Systems Records

Finance and Supply Chain

DOE-16: Federal Employee Subsidy Program Records
DOE-18: Financial Accounting System
DOE-23: Property Accountability System
DOE-26: Official Travel Records
GSA/GOVT-3: Travel Charge Card Program
GSA/GOVT-4: Contracted Travel Services Program
GSA/GOVT-6: SmartPay Purchase Charge Card Program
GSA/GOVT-9: System for Award Management (SAM)


DOE-8: Intergovernmental Personnel Act Agreements
DOE-41: Legal Files
OGE/GOVT-1: Executive Branch Public Financial Disclosure Reports
OGE/GOVT-2: Executive Branch Confidential Financial Disclosure Reports
OSC/GOVT-1: Complaint Litigation and Political Activity Files


DOE-43: Personnel Security Files
DOE-51: Employee and Visitor Access Control Records
DOE-52: Access Control Records of International Visits, Assignments, and Employment
DOE-63: Personal Identity Verification Files
GSA/GOVT-7: Personal Identity Management Systems


DOE-11: Emergency Operations Notification Call List
DOE-17: DOE Alert System
DOE-24: Land Records System
DOE-55: FOIA and Privacy Act Requests
DOE-56: Congressional Constituent Inquiries
DOE-57: Congressional Profiles
DOE-60: General Correspondence Files
DOE-82: Grant and Contract Records for Research Projects and Science Education
DOE-75: Call Detail Records
EPA/GOVT-2: Federal Docket Management System