The Bonneville Power Administration is an engine of economic prosperity and environmental sustainability to the North Western United States. We provide reliable energy and transmission services as accountable stewards to and for the region.

As a wholesale power marketer and transmission provider, BPA sells its products and services at cost, giving its customers access to 22,000 megawatts of clean, reliable hydropower across 15,000 miles of high-voltage transmission lines. BPA also markets the output of the region’s only nuclear plant, the 1,107 MW Columbia Generating Station.  Customers looking to interconnect to the Federal Columbia River Transmission System must consider a number of factors when submitting a Line and Load Interconnection Request. These factors include:
  • Historic Peak Load
  • Projected Peak Load
  • Interconnection Limit
  • Recently Completed Transmission Projects

The Load Interconnection Capability Map

To help inform the Interconnection, BPA has created a Load Interconnection Capability Map to give an overview of BPA’s load-service capabilities. This map divides the BPA service territory into load areas used by BPA Transmission Planning. These load areas are circumscribed by a cutplane that consists of facilities (transformers and lines) that electrically connect to the load service area of interest.  
This capability map provides access to historical information, trending and identification of area limits. The Load Interconnection Capability Map provides stakeholders the opportunity to see load area forecasts and the corresponding interconnection limit to give a first glimpse of load interconnection feasibility in the area. 

Transmission Planning has reviewed the following locations over the previous 2 years. Additional information from these reviews are highlighted and linked below. Linked information will be updated as needed, and additional locations will we added as additional reviews become available.

 Map of deep dive areas

Deep Dive Areas

Central Oregon
Hood River/The Dalles
La Grande
Northwest Montana
Olympic Peninsula
Southeast Idaho
Walla Walla  

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