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​BPA will expire the Energy Project Manager, or EPM, measure and release a new EPM measure that will be effective on April 1, 2022. The new EPM measure is applicable to the Industrial and Commercial sectors.
BPA will also retire the Strategic Energy Management, or SEM, measure and release a new SEM measure that will be effective on April 1, 2022.  The new SEM measure removes a number of documentation requirements and the higher incentive rate previously available for projects with documented costs. The optional Performance Tracking System (PTS) will be separated out to become a new measure.
Check this page for updates about the upcoming EPM, SEM and PTS measures.
​Energy Project Manager

​BPA has supported a version of the EPM measure since 2009. While the details have changed over time, the core intent has remained consistent. Rather than focusing incentive payments on an equipment-upgrade project or a change in equipment operation that saves energy, the EPM measure provides milestone payments to help overcome staffing-resource barriers.
The EPM measure requires the development and implementation of a Comprehensive Site Plan by a site’s designated energy project manager, with the goal of achieving additional verified energy savings beyond what would have been achieved without the involvement of the energy project manager. The savings and costs for each project in the Comprehensive Site Plan are reviewed and approved through the typical process specific to each measure type , but BPA tracks projects with EPM involvement to assist in the evaluation of their impact.
As described in the notice for Section 9.2.1. in the April 2021 Implementation Manual release, BPA will sunset the existing EPM measure and releasing a new EPM measure, effective April 1, 2022. The guiding principles behind the changes were to streamline the offering with reduced administrative costs and expand its use to more end-users, including smaller and non-industrial sites.

​Strategic Energy Management
​Per the notification in the April 2021 IM release, BPA will be sunsetting the existing SEM measure. Additional details on the SEM offering will be posted here in Summer 2021.
​Performance Tracking System
​Effective April 1, 2022, BPA will release a new measure for Performance Tracking Systems, or PTS. PTS incentives will be capped at the lesser of documented costs or $10,000 for initial installations and $5,000 for annual maintenance costs. PTS incentives will be available only for sites participating in the SEM measure.
More information is coming soon and this webpage will be updated to reflect those changes.