Did you know: The average family spends about one-third of its annual heating and cooling budget on air escaping their home through gaps, cracks, leaky ducts, and windows? These are simple fixes that can save families hundreds of dollars a year.

“Weatherization” is the term used for household upgrades that protect your home from the elements, such as extreme heat and cold weather. Residential weatherization measures include insulation, efficient window and door replacements, air sealing, and more. They help to reduce unintended air leakage to improve the overall energy performance of a home. Proper weatherization can help you save energy and money by reducing the loss of heated and cooled air from inside the home and preventing moisture build-up.

BPA offers utility incentives for weatherization measures in single-family, manufactured, and multifamily homes. To receive BPA incentives, many measures must be installed according to BPA Residential Weatherization Specifications & Best Practices Guide. The Comfort Ready Home program supports implementation of these measures and more throughout the region.


For more details about weatherization measures, reference the BPA Residential Weatherization Specifications & Best Practices Guide. For additional implementation support, visit the Comfort Ready Home website to view product guides, information and resources for homeowners, resources for training, to locate a contractor or field specialist in your area, and more!


All Weatherization measures BPA offers are available to income-qualified households, often with higher incentive levels than are available for non-income-qualified homes. For more information, see BPA’s Low Income Energy Efficiency pageLow Income New Opportunities Guide, and the Low-Income Energy Efficiency “How-To-Start” page.

At a Glance: Insulation, Windows and Doors, Air Sealing and Door Sweeps

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