BPA sets aside funds to support efficiency projects that result in a net increase in the output of power from Federal Columbia River Power System, or FCRPS, sites to BPA's transmission grid. Hydroelectric facilities, transmission substations, and some fish hatcheries and irrigation districts access power directly from the FCRPS rather than a local utility. The ESRP Program offers an annual solicitation to eligible facilities that use Station Service or Reserved Power. The solicitation process is competitive and is intended to obtain the greatest electric savings with the available funds. In addition to financial incentives, program participants benefit from:
  • Turnkey Technical Assistance from project identification to application assistance to measurement & verification activities to validate savings  
  • Improve Delivery System by optimizing water flows and controlling where water is delivered
  • Irrigation Modernization to upgrade outdated equipment that may be difficult to maintain or costly to operate 
  • Societal Benefits to promote river health and wildlife management efforts
  • Lower operational expenses by decreasing onsite energy consumption 

How does the program work?

How the ESRP Program works

ESRP Program Funding Cycle

Select a Funding Cycle below to learn more about the funding status, budget availability, committed funds, and solicitation timelines. The cycle’s funding status and committed funds will be periodically updated throughout the fiscal year. If you have any questions related to the current or next funding cycle, please email esrp@bpa.gov.

Resources and Tools

Resources for the ESRP program are available to aid participants in the ESRP annual solicitation process through project closeout. Resources are available as links to downloadable documents. If you need assistance accessing these documents, please email esrp@bpa.gov.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) is a resource to help applicants with understanding the program’s guidelines and policies, as well as, what to expect during each phase of the program. The FAQ is organized into three sections (General Questions, Application Process and Award to Project Closeout). Click here to download a pdf version of the FAQ. If your question isn't in the FAQ, please email us at esrp@bpa.gov.