Strategic Energy Management, or SEM, is a holistic approach to identify, monitor and better manage energy use through continuous improvements in energy performance. SEM engagements may involve behavioral modifications, low-cost/no-cost operational and maintenance, or O&M, improvements as well as the installation of energy tracking hardware/software and perhaps installing more efficient equipment. The integration of SEM can play a role in supporting businesses’ sustainability policy with organizational practices, policies, and processes that create persistent energy savings – similar to any quality assurance, productivity, and safety policies – that deliver consistent, long-term results. 

BPA provides the same incentives for qualifying SEM sites and measures regardless of the sector where the project occurs; however, the administration, recruitment, oversight and technical support that BPA offers for Commercial SEM, or CSEM, is different from Industrial SEM. Each utility will design and administer their CSEM program (see CSEM Program Design Considerations for an initial list of potential services, tools and  resources a utility may wish to include); whereas, Industrial SEM is administered by BPA’s Energy Smart Industrial program in partnership with the utility, and recruitment is generally performed by the utility-assigned Energy Smart Industrial Partner (or ESIP). Click here to learn more about the Industrial SEM Program and its offerings.     

BPA’s Commercial sector team is available to provide utilities with high-level guidance and limited support as utilities develop their CSEM program.