For almost 20 years, BPA has maintained a robust nonresidential lighting offering. BPA continues to invest in the lighting program as a critical component to achieving regional conservation targets.

BPA offerings provide ample opportunities for utilities and their customers to improve their energy efficiency, enjoy cost savings, and reap the non-energy benefits of upgraded lighting.

Lighting Calculators

BPA’s nonresidential lighting offering is captured in an easy-to-use, Microsoft Excel-based tool – the BPA Lighting Calculator. While the Lighting Calculator can be downloaded from the BPA website here, please note that BPA’s customer utilities use their own branded versions of the BPA Lighting Calculator.

(Downloading the Lighting Calculator for the first time? To correctly save the lighting calculator and ensure it continues to function properly, follow these steps: 1. Save As, and name the file. 2. Save and Close to exit the program)

Contact your local BPA customer utility to receive their customized version of the BPA lighting calculator. A simple zip code look-up tool to identify the local utility contact is available on the Trade Ally Network NW website here.

Lighting Calculator resources

Midstream Lighting

The midstream lighting measure is for efficient lamps and linear retrofit kits that are sold through a distributor, delivered via a point-of-sale channel and installed at nonresidential sites. The incentives vary per lamp type (e.g., linear TLED lamps and HID replacement lamps). Utilities should avoid reporting the same projects via midstream nonresidential lighting measures (i.e., UES Measure Upload Template) and the nonresidential lighting calculators.

Stuck on a project? Don’t know where to turn? Your local Trade Ally Network NW Field Specialist and the BPA lighting team are on hand to guide you. Contact the BPA lighting team at or the Trade Ally Network NW here.