Large industrial customers often have more energy savings opportunities than their existing staffing model can support. The Industrial Energy Project Manager (EPM) is supported by BPA's Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program and uses a structured process to help those customers overcome this resource barrier by providing co-funding and additional assistance.  

An EPM is an assigned facility employee or contractor who is responsible for the implementation of a portfolio of electrical energy-efficiency projects, and the achievement of a savings goal that is based on reaching specific milestones during a single or multi-year plan.  

EPMs will develop a written Comprehensive Site Plan for a single or multiple sites.  Enrolled sites are eligible to receive additional incentives for verified energy savings from projects managed by their EPM, in addition to the standard project incentives.  Successful plans should have confirmed availability of capital funds and resources required to implement the identified projects.
Utilities interested in implementing an Industrial EPM or expanding their current offering for key accounts should consult with their local ESIP.