Utilities’ industrial end-users can achieve significant reductions in energy consumption without the cost of major capital upgrades by participating in Strategic Energy Management, or SEM. The Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program offers two different approaches to SEM: 

  • Peer, cohort-driven, and
  • Sole delivery*

Two or three new industrial SEM engagements may occur throughout any given year, are not specific one utility, and often include multiple utility customers within the BPA service territory. Cohorts may represent one industrial segment or utilize a blended approach, which includes multiple types of industries. These engagements feature hybrid** workshops that provide organizational training, technical support, and energy monitoring and reporting tools, to identify low and no-cost operations and maintenance, or O&M, improvements. Each SEM engagement is a two-year commitment, with savings reported at the completion of each year. Further information is provided in this flyer.

Organizations successful in SEM have clear support from top management, designate an Energy Champion to lead implementation, and demonstrate a willingness to consider new methods and procedures to improve energy performance and reduce costs. Current and potential participants may also take advantage of the Industrial Energy Project Manager, or EPM, as well as the Performance Tracking System, or PTS. Learn more about PTS below. 

*A sole delivery approach is custom tailored to one end-user or a smaller group of end-users. Sole delivery is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and takes into account the savings potential, customer interest and budget availability.

**The term hybrid describes an engagement that includes both in-person and virtual workshops.