BPA's Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program has partnered with Northwest public utilities to help industrial facilities implement cost-effective, energy-efficient lighting projects. To improve the payback period of lighting projects, reimbursements may be available for qualifying lighting measures, depending on overall energy savings. Please check with your serving utility for specific details.
ESI's industrial lighting specialists can help save energy and increase profitability by providing a variety of services, including:
  • Delivering lighting audits
  • Reviewing lighting design and installation proposals
  • Offering guidance on the best lighting technology for your specific application
  • Completing the BPA Lighting Calculator tool

BPA's Trade Ally Network is a community of lighting distributors, electrical contractors, and manufacturers who play a critical role in the market adoption of efficient lighting technologies. Trade Allies often play a role in developing and implementing industrial lighting projects. BPA's commercial program offering aids all Trade Allies in their projects through technical support, training, and education.