ESI Program Overview

The Energy Smart Industrial (ESI) program is offered through BPA’s public utility customers to help the region’s industries achieve measurable and cost-effective energy savings.
The program includes a complete portfolio of complementary program offerings targeted at a diverse landscape of industrial facilities, project types and sizes, and technologies. Industries participating in the program include pulp and paper, food processing, wood products, high-tech manufacturing, cold storage, chemical processing, mining, and water and wastewater treatment.
ESI Program Components

Core Program Offerings

The ESI program has five core program offerings:

All program offerings are supported by Energy Smart Industrial Partners (ESIP), with Technical Support Pool (TSP) resources available for custom projects and strategic energy management (SEM) as necessary.
In November 2019 the ESI program celebrated 10 years of successful resource acquisition, having helped over 900 industrial facilities achieve more than 180 aMW of energy savings. That’s enough energy to power more than 143,000 Northwest homes for a year. It also represents more than $400 million in total cost savings for the region’s industries.


Additional Program Offerings

The ESI program has additional program offerings:

Program Resources