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Industrial customers can achieve significant reductions in energy consumption without the cost of major capital upgrades. Strategic Energy Management (SEM) helps industries reduce energy intensity by providing organizational training, technical support for operations and maintenance (O&M) improvements, and energy monitoring and reporting tools.

SEM promotes implementation of a structured, sustainable energy program that delivers consistent long-term results. Organizations successful in SEM have clear support from top management, a designated Energy Champion to lead implementation, and are willing to consider new methods and procedures to improve energy performance and reduce costs.

​Resources Available

​The Energy Smart Industrial Partner (ESIP) will work with utilities and industries to align their needs and objectives with available program resources. SEM services are delivered through specialized Technical Service Providers (TSP), and may include:

  • SEM peer network group workshops
  • SEM coaching site visits
  • O&M tune-ups
  • Energy scans
  • Energy management assessments

All sites enrolled in SEM develop an energy-intensity modelwhich normalizes energy consumption to production, weather, or other energy driversthat is used to report savings to BPA. SEM savings are eligible for an annual performance incentive of up to $0.025/kWh.

Co-funding for electrical or production metering or upgrades may also be available.

​SEM Engagement Process

​SEM engagement is a two-year term, with savings reported at the completion of each year. The participation pathway is tailored for each site, with core elements that include:

  • SEM engagement planning session aligns organizational needs with program resources
  • An SEM enrollment agreement is offered by the utility, outlining the industry's commitment to implement SEM and the terms of the utility's performance-incentive offer
  • A baseline energy-intensity model is specified for the site, and used to track energy performance
  • Site will typically participate in either a series of SEM peer network group workshops or host a multiday tune-up event
  • Energy-efficiency action items are identified, prioritized, and implemented
  • An annual SEM Completion Report documents action item status, verified energy savings, performance-incentive amounts, and energy goals for the following year

Serving utilities may re-enroll participants with additional savings potential at the end of each two-year term. Upon notification of re-enrollment, ESI will refresh the SEM engagement plan.