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Consumer Electronics
​Updates and News
BPA and the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, or NEEA, are currently exploring new opportunities in efficient consumer electronics: from advanced power strips to smart thermostats and more, as future opportunities arise. ​
The Benefits of Energy Efficient Electronics​
Televisions in the Northwest consume nearly 3.7 billion kilowatt hours of energy each year, according to estimates from the Northwest Power and Conservation Council. To build awareness and encourage consumers to buy energy-efficiency televisions, NEEA launched the Energy Forward initiative, partnering with national retailers to promote energy-efficient televisions.
How BPA Supports Efficient Electronics
In 2015, NEEA's Energy Forward Initiative effort was upgraded to NEEA's Retail Products Portfolio, or RPP, program. This program operates on a regional and national level, with an expanded set of products and retailers. BPA is a member of the RPP Workgroup, and collaborates to ensure no crossover between NEEA and BPA retail programs.
BPA maintains cost-effective Advanced Power Strip measures for personal computers and home entertainment centers with a BPA payment. Additional resources include a qualified product list, access to regional marketing opportunities, and distribution methodologies that allow inclusion in mailed Energy Savings Kits or giveaways at utility events.
BPA also sits on the Steering Committee for NEEA's Regional Strategic Market Planning for Consumer Products. That group continues to look for new regional opportunities for smart thermostats.
Please note: BPA does not provide incentives directly to homeowners. Please contact your local utility for details.
Program Tools and Resources
For more information about advanced power strips or consumer electronics in general, please contact For more information about the Retail Products Portfolio initiative, please contact NEEA or your Energy Efficiency Representative.