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Steps to Becoming a Certified Technician                                                                 

​1. Get Trained

  • PTCS Technician: Attend and pass a training with a BPA-approved trainer, or show proof of completing an approved alternative training (See Program Requirements, Section 2).

  • Prescriptive Duct Sealing Technician: If you were previously PTCS duct sealing certified, please watch the orientation video, then email stating you have completed the video. If you were not previously certified, please email for further instruction.

2. Create an online account on the PTCS Online Site Registry if you have not previously done so. Click on “Register” in the top right-hand corner to get started.

3. Submit completed Certified Technician Application along with dated proof of training by email to, or fax to 1-877-848-4074.

Participation Applications                                                                         
Program Participation Requirements                                                                         

​BPA provides the participation requirements for Technicians, Trainers, and Quality Assurance Inspectors.

PTCS Duct Sealing and Heat Pump Program Participation Requirements

Prescriptive Duct Sealing Program Participation Requirements

Additional Training Resources                                                                                    
Quality Assurance                                                                                                     

​The PTCS and Prescriptive Programs aim to inspect at least 10 percent of all jobs for quality assurance. This is a voluntary part of the program with a goal to ensure technicians are performing quality work. Steps for remediation will be needed in cases where an inspection found work that was poor or failing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Becoming Certified                                             

How can I get a PTCS Technician ID?
After the technician has created an online account, the PTCS team has received the complete application, and approved the training, the team will activate the account. The PTCS Technician ID will be sent to the email on file with the account.

I have an industry certification. Can I get a certification without additional training?
We accept several industry certifications. A list of all approved alternative certifications in the PTCS Duct Sealing and Heat Pump Program Participation Requirements is available.

What if I change companies?
Submit a new Certified Technician Application with your new company information and an explanation of what was updated to Do not enter jobs completed with your new company before your account has been updated.

How do I update my account if I get an additional certification?
Submit a new Certified Technician Application to and include your new certification and relevant training information.
Do I need a new online account for each new certification I obtain?
No. We will update your existing account with the additional certifications listed on your application.
If I get locked out of my account or forget my password, should I create a new account?
No. Please don’t create another account. Call the program team at 1-800-941-3867 and we can help you get the information you need.
How do I become a trainer and/or inspector?
Start by reviewing the Program Participation Requirements, Training Participation Application, and Quality Assurance Inspector Application. Contact the PTCS Program if you have any questions.
Please reference the full Frequently Asked Questions or contact the PTCS team with any additional questions.
Questions? Contact Us!                                                                                             

​For more information, please contact the program team at or call the program hotline at 1-800-941-3867.

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