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What is the difference between PTCS and Prescriptive Duct Sealing?                      

​While the specifications for both types of duct sealing have recently been updated to be more aligned, there are two primary differences between the two types.

1) Leakage testing: PTCS Duct Sealing requires a pre-leakage test be conducted prior to sealing and a post-leakage test conducted after sealing. Prescriptive Duct Sealing does not require any pre- or post-leakage testing.
2) Certification training: PTCS Duct Sealing Certification requires training with a PTCS-certified trainer or an approved alternative. Certification is obtained by reviewing an online training. More information about how to become certified can be found on the Training Page.

​The Regional Technical Forum (RTF) provides guidance on installation specifications and BPA determines when to adopt their specifications. Individual utilities may have additional requirements. Please check the customer's utility for additional requirements.

PTCS Duct Sealing Specification (English; April 2015)

PTCS Duct Sealing Specification (Spanish; April 2015) 

Prescriptive Duct Sealing Specification (English; April 2015)

Prescriptive Duct Sealing Specification (Spanish; April 2015)


Data entry can be done at on a mobile device or computer with internet access. Alternatively, an option form can be filled out for later online entry. Utilities may provide their own incentive forms at their discretion.

PTCS Duct Sealing Form (English)

PTCS Duct Sealing Certification Form (Spanish)

Prescriptive Duct Sealing Form (English)

Prescriptive Duct Sealing Certification Form (Spanish)

The following forms and documents are required by BPA for duct sealing work. Contact the customer's utility to verify their documentation requirements.
  • Registry Installation Report
  • Equipment/Contractor invoice
Technical Resources                                                                                                 
​Frequently Asked Questions

​As a contractor, how will I know if a home has already received a PTCS duct sealing measure?
You can search for it on the PTCS website. Contractors may also contact the homeowner's utility or the PTCS program directly at 1-800-941-3867. Both can reference the PTCS database to determine if the ducts were previously certified.

What is a PTCS Certified-only job?
A PTCS Certified-only job in the PTCS Registry means the ducts were not leaky enough to qualify for the BPA reimbursement for duct sealing and that duct sealing is not required.

When duct sealing is required, does the specification require duct tape be removed before mastic is applied?

The PTCS Specification requires a good-faith effort to remove duct tape and replace with mastic. Duct tape that cannot be removed shall be completely covered with mastic.

What does it mean when the PTCS Specification requires that "all accessible ducts must be sealed?"

If an inspector can reach the ducts in an unconditioned space, then the ducts must be sealed.

Please reference the full Frequently Asked Questions or contact the PTCS team with any additional questions.

Questions? Contact Us!                                                                                            

​For more information, please contact the program team by email at, or call the program hotline toll free at 1-800-941-3867. Energy Trust of Oregon customers, please call 1-866-365-3526 or email

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