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​To help utilities and their trade allies reach out to customers, BPA has created a suite of marketing materials to promote residential energy efficiency upgrades. This leverages the Regional Marketing Toolkit created by NEEA in order to help BPA's customer utilities promote water heating, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC), and weatherization measures.
Guided by customer input BPA has developed a number of materials including bill inserts, one sheets, advertisements, and HTML email templates. Pieces labeled as partner are directed at a partner audience, whereas those marked customer are directed at an end user audience, but can be customized to suit a variety of needs including trade ally marketing to end users.
There are two ways to customize these promotional materials. The materials linked below on this webpage are in their source format (Adobe InDesign) so that customers can customize these tools with  Adobe software tools to fit their needs.
All of BPA's promotional materials are also available for utilities and their trade allies to customize through simple online templates located on  BPA's Energy Efficiency’s Marketing Portal.
Should you need assistance with any customization, please contact your EER. Please note the images included in these source files are only available to use in the formats provided and should not be incorporated into other materials.
​EE Tips for Social Media
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Water Heaters
Heat Pump Water Heater Customer Ad
Heat Pump Water Heater Customer Bill Insert Heat Pump Water Heater Customer One Sheet Heat Pump Water Heater Partner One Sheet


Additional water heater resources

Going Ductless Half Page Ad Ductelss Heat Pump Partner One Sheet Smart Thermostat Flyer


Additional HVAC resources 


Weatherization Customer Ad Weatherization Customer Bill Insert Weatherization Partner One Sheet Insulation Fact Sheet
Additional weatherization resources 
​Request Customized Print Materials
​If you are unable to customize your own marketing materials, you can request customization by BPA. To request customization, fill out the customization form, attach your logo as a high-resolution image (.JPG, .TIF, .PNG), and email to We will provide a print-ready PDF file of printed materials.